Brow Lift

Lift up Your Face With a Brow Lift

As a result of physical aging, facial tissues become loose over time and cause the skin and muscles around the eyes and forehead to become weak and sag. Over time, unwanted forehead wrinkles and baggy skin starts to fall over the eyelids. As facial tissues begin to decline, your face can appear irritated, exhausted, and aged. Brow drooping can also encroach on your vision, which can be frustrating and unappealing.

Individuals no longer need to be embarrassed about their aging, wilting skin. You can achieve your desired results by transforming your brows with brow lift surgery. By repositioning the eyebrows and forehead muscles, the brows are lifted and tightened, forming a firmer forehead and brow free of wrinkles. Brow lift surgery can be completed as a standalone procedure or combined with other facial treatments such as a facelift that targets lower portions of the facial tissues for complete facial rejuvenation.

Each individual case is, of course, different, and the results of surgery will vary from individual to individual.

Benefits of a Brow Lift

Battling the elements of aging can be tricky; however, brow lift surgery comes with many beneficial outcomes, including:

  • Tightened brows and forehead
  • Restored youthful appearance
  • Smoother complexion
  • Improved and brightened facial appearance
  • Line and wrinkle reduction
  • Natural eyebrow style and curves retained
  • Remedied vision impairments caused by drooping skin
  • Higher confidence and enhanced perception of oneself

Each individual case is, of course, different, and the results of surgery will vary from individual to individual.

The Brow Lift Process

Brow lift surgery involves gently lifting the outer corners of the eyebrows and removing unwanted wrinkles by extracting excess skin. Dr. Diamond is a skilled surgeon who utilizes his expertise, aesthetics, and techniques to make small incisions directly above the orbital range to maintain the natural curving of the brows. He uses tiny, hidden incisions in the hair, with no hair loss or visible scarring. Excess skin is removed, and facial integrity remains intact. By following these procedures, Dr. Diamond provides healthy, beautiful, natural-looking results. Scars from this procedure are virtually undetectable, and the outcome is sure to remain subtle. Other surgeons may relocate eyebrows in a higher position, resulting in a permanently surprised expression that does not look natural and can be viewed as uncharacteristic. Dr. Diamond specializes in strategically placing the brows in a more natural position to provide genuine results. Dr. Diamond’s safe, effective procedures operate with advanced technology to provide many individuals with a satisfying outcome.

Each individual case is, of course, different, and the results of surgery will vary from individual to individual.

Sagging brows and wrinkles no longer need to intrude on your vision or ruin your desired youthful facial expression. Tired-looking skin can be a thing of the past! Contact Dr. Diamond’s office today by calling (310) 859-9816. Your dream brows can now become a reality!

How to Properly Recover From Brow Lift Surgery

Looking younger, feeling confident, and reviving your youthful appearance is a mutual desire of many individuals. As we age, facial tissues begin to weaken and can result in appearing older and feeling less confident about our facial features. Attractive, smooth skin on the forehead and accentuated eyebrows can be accomplished by undergoing a brow lift procedure. This process removes unwanted wrinkles and excess skin that can cause us to look fatigued or upset. After completing brow lift surgery, one can expect a few common temporary side effects, such as bruising and swelling. Listed below are helpful tips for properly caring for and maintaining rejuvenated brows and how to recover as quickly as possible after surgery to accomplish the desired results.


Each individual case is, of course, different, and the results of surgery will vary from individual to individual.

What to Expect After a Brow Lift

Depending on which procedure has been completed will determine an accurate estimate for recovery time. Light bruising and some swelling can be expected on the forehead and around the eyes after a brow lift procedure. These effects can even expand to the cheek area. Limiting physical activity is recommended for two to three weeks after surgery, and patients can generally return to work after approximately one week. Tightness in the forehead can also accompany swelling, which may cause some discomfort. Oral medications can be suggested and prescribed for use during recovery, depending on the severity of pain involved. Itching, numbness, or tingling are sometimes reported and will usually subside within three weeks. Any staples or stitches will be removed after approximately one week, which will allow the healing process to continue.

Tips for Expediting Recovery

Although some side effects are inevitable, relief and recovery are determined by behaviors that are helpful to ease any discomfort and promote healing. Some suggestions to keep in mind for an expedient recovery include:

  • Elevate your head for a minimum of one week
  • Avoid excess sun exposure, especially direct sunlight
  • Limit lifting or exercising during the recovery period
  • Stop smoking
  • Apply cold compresses as needed
  • Resist excessive pressure or motion near the facial area
  • Follow up with the surgeon as directed, or if fever or excessive bleeding or swelling occur

How Long Do the Results Last?

Brow lift surgery is a viable option for aging skin in the upper facial area and has lasting, desirable results. Typically, the revitalized facial tissue remains intact for years. Additional non-surgical treatments, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and laser skin resurfacing, can aid in maintaining the beautiful, restored youthful appearance that brow lift surgery can provide. Natural aging will eventually occur, so non-surgical procedures are recommended to preserve the youthful look of brows after brow lift surgery.

Each individual case is, of course, different, and the results of surgery will vary from individual to individual.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Diamond to discuss and determine what procedure is recommended to suit your needs. At that time, a cost estimate can be provided along with descriptions of the entire surgery process and what to expect. Call (310) 859-9816  or contact us online today.