Cheek Implants

How Cheek Implants Can Make You Look Younger

Well-sculpted cheekbones that rest high on the face provide distinct contours that create a youthful, attractive appearance. As you age, those perky, round cheeks can begin to lose volume, making them look flat and droopy. Although dermal fillers can enhance your appearance in several ways, they are not able to address significant facial imperfections. Similarly, while a facelift can improve your facial definition, it cannot enhance naturally weak cheekbones. Cheek implants, also known as facial implants, can help the face look more defined and give you the shapely face you desire.

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Benefits of Cheek Implants

Cheeks that are underdeveloped or flat can make the face appear shrunken and hollow. Well-placed, custom-made cheek implants can make a person look more youthful. These implants can also sculpt your facial structure so that certain features are more prominent and distinct, which helps to create an attractive profile that will enhance your overall appearance. Cheek implants can:

  • Change the shape and balance of your face
  • Give you the facial proportions and profile you want
  • Enhance facial volume
  • Add prominence to the cheekbones

Unlike many facial treatments and injectable fillers that require regular maintenance, implants are a permanent way to enhance your facial structure. If you have poorly defined cheeks due to genetics or lost volume as a result of aging, cheek implants may be a great option for you. Dr. Diamond is one of the only plastic surgeons who uses 3D technology to create customized facial implants that will best suit your needs.

How They Work

Using computer imaging, a CT scan of your face will allow Dr. Diamond to handcraft your implants. After the implants have been crafted, an incision will be made inside the mouth to insert the implants in the appropriate location. The implants are then repositioned until your desired cheek shape is achieved. Sutures are used to close the incisions. Customized cheek implants are precisely fitted to the curvature of your cheekbones to significantly enhance your facial appearance.

What Cheek Implants can Do For you

Combine Your Cheek Implants With Other Procedures

While cheek implants can provide you with fuller, rounder cheeks, they do not address the rest of your face. That is why Dr. Diamond also offers mandibular implants that can improve a weak jawline and create stronger facial contours. A defined jawline characterizes both masculine and feminine beauty and projects a look of confidence. You can also combine your cheek implant procedure with the following cosmetic treatments:

The combination of a strong jawline, chin projection that balances the nose, and defined cheekbones create an overall beautiful, confident, and attractive appearance.

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