Lala Kent Gets Diamond Facial Sculpting®When it comes to plastic surgery, quality is king. Where quality reigns supreme, the office attracts more patients, including celebrities, pop stars, and other high-profile patients. Vanderpump Rules reality TV star Lala Kent recently visited Dr. Diamond’s facility to undergo Dr. Diamond’s famous Diamond Facial Sculpting® procedure, and afterward, she graciously lauded Dr. Diamond’s skills, techniques, and results.

Lala Kent’s Experience with Dr. Diamond

When Kent came in to see Dr. Diamond, she underwent Diamond Facial Sculpting® for her chin and jawline, non-surgical lip enhancement, and injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic. Like many of Dr. Diamond’s patients, Kent had an issue with her chin and jawline and wanted to improve her facial lines and definition. After her experience with Dr. Diamond, Kent was excited to tell BravoTV, “I no longer have to over line my lips. These are not over lined and I don’t have to contour my chin and jawline…Dr. Diamond is incredible and super conservative with his technique. I’m obsessed.” Dr. Diamond was humbled to hear Kent’s praises and was grateful for the opportunity to help the star achieve her cosmetic goals.

Diamond Facial Sculpting® with Dr. Jason Diamond

Dr. Diamond uses Diamond Facial Sculpting® to help people like Lala Kent achieve the facial definition and contours they desire. To improve facial definition, Dr. Diamond injects fillers directly into the bony structures of the face, such as the jaw and chin. This process enhances the shape of the bones so that they create more defined and attractive facial contours. With Diamond Facial Sculpting®, Dr. Diamond injects the fillers so deeply into the bone that there is no risk of irregularities or lumps, only positive facial enhancement. Dr. Diamond is conservative with his technique so that the enhancements appear natural and attractive, not overdone and fake. This procedure is non-surgical, has no recovery or downtime, and can lead to a dramatically more youthful and attractive facial appearance.

To read more about Lala Kent’s experience with non-surgical facial enhancement, see the Daily Dish article on BravoTV.

Like Lala Kent, you may be unhappy with the shape of your chin, jawline, and lips. If you desire facial enhancement with Diamond Facial Sculpting®, BOTOX® Cosmetic, or any other facial cosmetic procedure, schedule your consultation with Dr. Jason B. Diamond. Call (310) 859-9816 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment today.