Facial Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction

I would like to make some comments on one of the newest laser systems which I have had a chance to use over the last year.  The eMatrix by Syneron for Fractional Resurfacing  is the newest version of radiofrequency energy on the market.  We are using this technology for facial skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.  This system is excellent and is portable so I am able to use it while a patient is undergoing other surgical procedures like facelifts or rhinoplasties.  I can transport this compact system with me to the operating room.  This procedure is also easily done in the office using a topical anesthetic for maximum patient comfort.  The results are very pleasing and people have been very happy with the results. There is virtually no downtime with this procedure.  The eMatrix is not as strong as the CO2 laser which gives more significant results but has at least one to two weeks of downtime.  So if someone wants improvement to their skin with minimal downtime the eMatrix is one of, if not the best option available. If a person wants the most significant skin rejuvenation available and doesn’t mind downtime then the CO2 laser is still the best option.