Dr. Diamond In New York

I recently returned from New York City where I did surgery for the first time. I must say that it was a lot of fun being in New York and it was a totally different vibe from being in Beverly Hills. It was just so much fun to go out to eat lunch among millions of people between surgeries. Interestingly the overhead in New York is much higher then Beverly Hills. I would have never suspected that to be the case but it certainly was. The Anesthesiologists charge almost double and the operating room charges are significantly higher as well. Therefore, it is actually cheaper to have surgery in Beverly Hills. Who would have guessed that? Not me. The trip was a great success. I actually saw all of the pre-op and post op appointments in Engelwood N.J. which is just 10 minutes away from Manhattan because it is just so much more convenient for patients with respect to parking and proximity to the airport etc. However, I did the surgeries in Manhattan because there is sales tax on cosmetic surgery if it is done in N.J., therefore, my patients did not have to pay the extra money towards sales tax. I did many rhinoplasties, revision rhinoplasties and facelifts. My patients came from Florida, Dubai, France and many from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I am planning my second trip for either late July or early August and I will make that decision over the next week.