Nonsurgical Enhancement

Facial Enhancement Beverly Hills

I have been a huge fan of the filler Radiesse for nonsurgical cheeklifts and other nonsurgical facial enhancement procedures.

I am a board certified facial plastic surgeon and obviously the face is my passion and my area of expertise as I have spent a majority of my life studying the face and honing in and perfecting my surgical and nonsurgical techniques.  Often times my patients ask about rejuvenation of their hands at the same time as their facial rejuvenation procedure.  I have recently discovered the benefit of injecting Radiesse to the hands.  I basically use the same principles that I use for the face to inject the hands to restore volume.  It is quite dramatic and helps to make the hands look more youthful.  My patients have been thrilled with this procedure and I am happy to be able to offer this as an adjunct to my facial rejuvenation techniques.