Facelift Recovery Time

As a facelift specialist one of the most common questions I am asked is, “how long is the downtime, and when can I exercise after a facelift?”  In general, recovery after a Mini Facelift is not extensive.  The patient should stay around the house for about 5 days.  They will be asked to be out of bed immediately, but they should not drive or go to social events.  There will be minimal pain only discomfort.  By about the 6th day after surgery all visible sutures will be removed.  At that point the patient can drive and even go out to a restaurant if they choose.  The remaining nonvisible sutures will be removed by about the 9th day after surgery.  At this point light exercise can be resumed such as treadmill, power walks, stretching, and light weights.  Patients usually return to work between 2-4 weeks and many patients work out of the house after even one week.  There may be some mild bruising that persists for up to 2 weeks on those people who bruise easily.  By 3-4 weeks virtually all swelling and bruising should be resolved and more strenuous exercise can begin.  If a person is a fast healer full activities can be resumed by about 3-4 weeks. By 6 weeks full activities can be resumed without restrictions even on those people who are slow healers.  I have been testing a product known as Tisseal or Fibrin Sealant which is a specialized super glue that can potentially speed recovery time.  The formal results of the study that I am involved with are not back as of this time but if there is a benefit to using the glue we will know shortly.