Facelift Beverly Hills

Best Facelift in Beverly Hills and NYC

I am proud to have developed a premier facelift practice in Beverly Hills and Manhattan, NYC.  Similar to rhinoplasty patients I am often asked, “Dr. Diamond, I want the best Facelift possible, is the Deep Plane Facelift better then the Vertical Facelift or the Mini Facelift?”  I am honored that people think of me when they are looking for the best.  I think it’s important to explain to people that The Best Facelift technique really depends on the person’s facial anatomy including their bony structure, amount of fat in the face and quality of the skin.  I have written extensively on this topic and have given many lectures on the benefits and limitations of each facelift technique.  The technique that will give an individual The Best Facelift needs to be carefully determined by the surgeon with the patient’s goals and input as key factors in the decision making process.