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Facelift Approach in Beverly Hills

Each face is different and every face ages differently, as a Facial Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills I understand this and therefore I approach my surgical technique accordingly. People often call the office to ask my receptionist or nurse what procedure I will recommend for them and how much it will cost. I don’t have one cookie cutter approach to the aging face and therefore I treat each face as an individual work of art.    I develop a specific plan based on the patient’s anatomy and goals and will determine if the person will require a deep plane facelift vs. a vertical facelift vs. a mini facelift, etc.  I will furthermore determine if the person will best be benefited by cheek implants vs. fat grafting vs. mid facelift etc. There are so many different techniques that I have perfected over the years that are available to me and each technique has certain indications that work better for some people than others. It is my job and passion to figure out what combination of techniques will give my patient the best possible results and I have committed myself to being the best the Best Facial Plastic surgeon and the Best Facelift surgeon that I can be.