Chin Implants, Facelift, Jowl Tightening, Neck Lift

Double Chin Correction in Beverly Hills

In the world of Plastic surgery in Beverly Hills I see men from all around the world who want to have their ”double chins” removed.  The age ranges from late teenagers to upwards of 70 years old.  For my younger patients often liposuction or a neck lift will do the trick.  For those patients who have weak chins a chin implant will be the most powerful technique to correct their problem.  For those older men who have loose skin a lower facelift may be necessary to chisel the neck and jaw line and give the definition to the lower face that they are hoping for.  The best technique is really dependant on the given patients anatomy and I can best determine that with an in person consultation or very clear photos.  The results that my male patients are receiving are so natural that they can be assured that they will not have any evidence of looking like they have had surgery.  They will look great and their friends and acquaintances will not know why.