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Choosing How to Age Gracefully

Not everybody is comfortable with aging gracefully and for those who wish to rejuvenate their appearance, there are many options that will make somebody look their best in a very natural way. The options range from products such as some protection creams and lotions to nonsurgical procedures such as the nonsurgical facelift, Botox and fillers to surgical procedures to tighten and remove saggy and aging skin.

Choosing the method that is most appropriate for a young person depends on many factors. Most importantly, it depends on the patient’s desires and goals. So those people who wish to just slow down the aging process, the sunscreen, sun avoidance and living a healthy lifestyle are the most effective and affordable methods. For those people who want to rejuvenate and take away some of the years from their facial appearance, the nonsurgical techniques such as Botox, fillers and lasers can be very effective and make a significant impact on rejuvenating one’s appearance. These techniques are temporary and will last anywhere between three months and a year and a half, depending on the combination of products that are used.

Before and after Profile view of a non-surgical facelift female patientWhen a person wants to make the most significant impact on improving their facial appearance and rejuvenating their facial appearance, the surgical options offer the best results. The techniques that we use today, including mini facelift techniques and non-invasive neck lift techniques as well as facial balancing and facial sculpting procedures give extremely natural results such that a person will never look like they have had surgery. They will just look rejuvenated and look their best in a very natural way, so onlookers will not have any idea that a person had been through a surgical procedure. To determine which techniques are best for you, it is best to consult with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who has experience in all of these techniques.