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Something struck me as interesting the other day and I thought I would share my thoughts.  I learned how to do fat injections about 10 years ago from the absolute best in the business.  I have been using their exact techniques with excellent success for that period of time.  I have seen several advertisements recently for people promoting their “New and Innovative techniques” related to fat transfers.  I know some of these doctors personally and I know that they only recently started doing the procedures and now they advertise and write articles as if they are experts with years of experience.  The thing about this that strikes me as wrong is that those docs who have taught me don’t advertise or promote themselves at all and just rely on word of mouth.  I think that they probably are “irked” by all of this knowing that they are the true experts with thousands of these procedures under their belts.  It takes hundreds if not thousands of these procedures to really have a masters understanding and the procedure needs to be done correctly to have outstanding results.