Choosing the Right Facelift Technique

Facelift Surgery Options in Beverly Hills

As a facelift specialist in Beverly Hills, I have extensive experience with every type of facelift technique available. I helped to pioneer and perfect multiple facelift techniques after learning many of them from the surgeons who created them. I am often asked by my patients which technique is most appropriate for them, and I describe the general guidelines that I follow when determining which facelift technique is appropriate for a given individual.

Deep Plane Facelift

My version of a deep plane facelift involves limited or small skin elevation over the underlying facial muscle followed by the extensive dissection of the underlying facial muscle layer. Once this muscle layer is mobilized or freed from its surrounding structures, it is then re-suspended upward towards the top of the ear. This tightens the deeper structures of the face without pulling on the skin. The excess skin is then re-draped and trimmed, and the incision is closed. This technique involves dissection around the facial nerves, and the surgeon needs to be very experienced and technically skilled to do this dissection in a safe way.

Benefits of Deep Plane Facelift

This is one of the most sophisticated facelift techniques available. It is associated with fast healing, natural results, powerful neck and jawline definition, and minimal complications. Patients usually look presentable within approximately 10 days.

Ideal Deep Plane Facelift Candidates

The most appropriate candidate for the deep plane facelift is somebody who wants a conservative rejuvenation (which most of my patients do) and somebody who does not have a severe amount of excess facial skin. The deep plane facelift can be performed on patients ranging from their mid-30s to their early 60s. These are not absolute rules, only guidelines.

Vertical Facelift

The vertical facelift requires an extensive skin elevation off the underlying muscles, where the deep plane facelift requires only approximately a 5 cm dissection away from the ear out towards the nose. The vertical facelift requires skin elevation all the way out to the nostril on that side, then extended down to the region of the oral commissure (where the upper and lower lip meet), and down the chin into the neck. This elevation allows us to lift the tissue around the corner of the mouth more powerfully and significantly than the deep plane facelift. It furthermore allows us to re-drape a more significant amount of skin.

Benefits of Vertical Facelift

The benefits of this technique are that there will be more powerful changes to heavy jowls, marionette lines, and significant skin excess. The downside of this significant dissection is that there is a longer healing period. The increased surface area that needs to heal invites the potential for problems including fluid collections and irregularity throughout the healing process. A person may look presentable in 10 days, but it may take anywhere from one month to six weeks before all the areas have healed fully.

Ideal Vertical Facelift Candidates

The vertical facelift technique is more appropriate for people who have had significant weight loss, who tend to be older, who have more sun damage, or for whom age has affected their skin and face.

Comparing Deep and Vertical Facelift Techniques

It should be noted that these two techniques are quite different from each other, and both have their place for the right person. I often do more deep plane facelifts because younger and younger patients are coming in and have had a previous facial rejuvenation procedure. Furthermore, I can achieve a more significant correction of marionette lines by combining other techniques (such as cheek lifts, cheek implants, and fat grafting) at the same time as a deep plane facelift. I still enjoy doing the vertical facelift and believe it is the most powerful way to improve significant age changes to the face.

It should also be noted that adjunctive procedures can be performed readily with either the deep plane facelift or the vertical facelift. These include a brow lift, upper and/or lower blepharoplasty, cheek implants, chin implants, and fat grafting.

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