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The Short Scar Facelift

The before mentioned methods of face-lifting are the most effective techniques to give long lasting and excellent results. There are many variations of these facelifts, one of which is called the short scar facelift.

So what is the Short Scar Facelift

The short scar facelift just means that the scar will stop at the back of the ear instead of going back into the hairline behind the ear. This is done when there is not a significant excess of neck skin otherwise I extend the incision to within the hairline but this is a perfectly well hidden incision anyway so I do not believe that this is a significant issue. Less skin can be removed with a short scar facelift and so it may be appropriate for those with minimal to no skin excess.

The benefit of this variation is that the scar behind the ear will be smaller then the standard scar that goes into the hairline behind the ear, but again this is rarely an issue for most people as the standard scar is completely hidden.