Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Beverly Hills

I am very proud of a patient that I took care of recently.  This young woman was born with a cleft lip which also creates cosmetic deformities to the nose.  She had the lip surgically repaired along with the nose when she was a child.  The nose was redone several times in her teens.  She still has a cosmetic deformity to her nose and she came to see me to have her nose corrected.

I did a revision rhinoplasty for her where I took down the bump and straightened the bridge and I narrowed, and lifted her tip.  She is now 2 weeks out from her surgery and she looks absolutely stunning.  She has always been a beautiful girl but she was self conscious about the appearance of her nose and this probably is deeply tied to her growing up with a cleft clip.  Now her personality reflects her beauty and I am so proud of her for deciding to make this change for herself.