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Plastic Surgery on other Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons

As a Beverly Hills, Board Certified, Facial Plastic Surgeon I have had the privilege of taking care of several of my colleagues over the past few years.  I use the same surgery center as a lot of other plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills use so we all see each other’s work on a daily basis.  I am proud to say that many of these Plastic surgeon have asked me to do work on them, and they could have chosen anyone.  Dr. David Matlock is one name that I can mention because we did his procedure for Dr. 90210.  Dr. Matlock is a world famous Liposuction expert and has one of the best cosmetic practices in the world.  Dr. Matlock has worked with and seen the work of literally hundreds of Plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and thinks that my work is the best.  There are 4 other famous and experienced Plastic and cosmetic surgeons who I have also done work for but I can’t mention their names (at least not yet), because they wish to remain confidential.  This one of the best compliments I could ask for.  I take my work very seriously and I am very proud to say that my attention to detail, skill and talent are noticed by those other Plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.