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Micro Liposculpture of the Jowls, Neck and Chin

When addressing the face using liposuction it is important to use very small cannulas to ensure precise and problem free results.  Liposuction to the neck is very safe as the neck is readily amenable to liposuction for many people. However, I see many people who come to me hoping to fix their neck after liposuction was done inappropriately on them.  The jowls are a more treacherous place to perform liposuction as dents and divots are easily created even with small amounts of fat removal.  The nasolabial mounds and cheeks are even more difficult to liposuction than the jowls.

The keys to micro liposculpture of the face are to be extremely judicious and precise when it comes to removing fat from the face and the use of very small cannulas is very helpful in limiting the problems that can readily occur if caution is not exercised.