Instafacial, Metacine

Looking to Take the InstaFacial® Home? Introducing Metacine!

Beverly Hills facial specialist Dr. Jason B. Diamond has made a name for himself as the facial plastic surgeon to the stars, diversifying his practice by creating a revolutionary 3-step facial rejuvenation treatment, the Diamond InstaFacial®. 

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This facial is like no other. Powered by laser light therapy, microneedling with PRP, and a collagen mask, the Diamond InstaFacial® gets results with patients seeing visible improvements in pore size, skin tone, and texture as soon as the next day!

But we understand that not everyone can get to our office for their InstaFacial® treatment. Now, there is an at-home treatment for you! 

Inspired by the in-office InstaFacial®, Dr. Diamond wanted to create a product that would give his patients the same benefits at home. Dr. Diamond’s Metacine skincare duo, Plasma and Emulsion, contains a carefully selected combination of growth factors, peptides, and proteins to renew collagen, repair the skin barrier, and regenerate for stunning results in the comfort of your own home. 

What Is Metacine?

Metacine is designed to mimic the results of the Diamond InstaFacial®: a luxurious, in-office treatment that involves drawing the patient’s blood to utilize PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma), harnessing the power of laser light therapy and balancing the skin with a collagen-boosting mask. 

In light of the rejuvenating and long-lasting results of boosted collagen and elastin production, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and a smoother, more youthful complexion, Dr. Diamond wanted to make his InstaFacial® more accessible — thus, Metacine. 

How Does Metacine Work?

Metacine is a two-part skincare system that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes the complexion, minimizes large pores, and increases hydration and plumpness for long-lasting results. 

Step 1: Plasma

Since drawing blood, spinning it in a centrifuge, and applying PRP with microneedling is not an at-home process, Dr. Diamond needed to find the correct combination of molecules and ingredients to mimic the rejuvenation and recycling process provided by the InstaFacial®. 

Plasma is applied twice daily, morning and night, and it contains bioengineered human identical growth hormones that mimic the regenerative properties of PRP without the hassle. The results are lifted, firmer, and tighter skin.

Step 2: Emulsion

Emulsion is a nightly skin rejuvenating treatment that contains time-released bioactive retinoids, lipopeptides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide to boost cell renewal and increase collagen production — all without irritation. 

When Will You See the Results? 

Patients report the luxurious texture of the Plasma serum provides an immediate glow and improved hydration. At the same time, Emulsion instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving the skin plump with a matte finish. 

The carefully selected combination of growth factors, peptides, and proteins is designed to provide long-term improvement, so the full results become visible after regular use over the course of about four weeks. 

In clinical testing, 35 individuals of all skin types across the Fitzpatrick scale saw:

  • 77% improved elasticity in the under-eye area
  • 91% improvement in crow’s feet wrinkles
  • 71% improvement in under-eye fine lines
  • 62% improvement in under-eye wrinkles
  • 54% improvement in skin smoothness
  • 51% improvement in face sagging
  • 51% improvement in radiance

In subjective testing, patients self-reported:

  • 91% reported their skin texture was smoother and more refined
  • 82% reported their skin looked healthier and more youthful

Unparalleled Skincare, Undeniable Results

Metacine is a revolutionary skincare regimen designed by the leading Beverly Hills facial surgery specialist Dr. Jason Diamond. 

Dr. Diamond knows faces: his practice, InstaFacial®, and now Metacine are all evidence of his commitment to providing the best in skin rejuvenation. 

If you are looking for an at-home product that improves elasticity, plumpness, and hydration, you’ve found it in Metacine. 

To elevate your facial care, combine regular InstaFacial® treatments with Metacine for unmatched non-surgical improvement for all your skin concerns. 

Interested in Learning More About Metacine and the InstaFacial®?

Dr. Diamond is a board-certified facial surgeon specializing in Diamond Facial Rejuvenation, which incorporates customized facial surgeries such as facelifts, neck lifts, brow lifts, and facial implants

Understanding the importance of caring for the entire face, considering facial harmony and enhancing the patient’s natural features, Dr. Diamond customizes each treatment to provide optimum, stunning results. 

If you want to learn more about Dr. Diamond and the Diamond Face Institute, follow us on Instagram. To schedule a consultation or to inquire about surgical or non-surgical procedures, call us at (310) 859-9816 or fill out our online contact form.