Facelift, Nonsurgical Enhancement

Journal Review Group for Plastic and Facial Surgeons

Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Journal Group

I am part of a journal review group in Beverly Hills where the top Plastic surgeons, Facial Plastic surgeons and Occuloplastic surgeons from Beverly Hills and Los Angeles get together to review the latest information from around the world related to the field of Plastic Surgery.  At the last meeting on Janurary 27, we discussed rhinoplasty techniques, eyelid techniques and liquid facelift or non surgical facelift techniques.  The main filler we discussed was Sculptra.  Sculptra is a filler that lasts about 1 to 2 years and therefore has the same longevity as Radiesse.  I have a lot of experience with both Sculptra and Radiesse and have been very pleased with the results of the liquid facelift which is a great procedure for the appropriate person.  The liquid facelift can give a nice rejuvenation to the hollow lower eyelid and cheek region as well as fill some of the lines and shallow areas of the face.  We can combine Botox and lasers to give a more comprehensive improvement to the face. These results are not as long lasting or as powerful as a surgical facelift but there is less healing time and less cost involved.