Is EMFACE® Really a Knife- and Needle-Free Way to Contour Your Face? How it Compares With Other Aesthetic Procedures

One of the primary causes of visible facial aging is a loss of muscle density. As the muscles and tissues in the face lose volume, skin becomes lax, resulting in wrinkles, hollows, and sagging skin. If you are experiencing these issues but aren’t ready to go under the knife, EMFACE® might be for you.

Beautiful woman with contoured facial structure

What Is EMFACE®?

Many patients want to rejuvenate their faces without undergoing invasive procedures, and why not? A more youthful look without surgery? Sounds like the perfect combination. 

While a facelift is the most effective way to combat moderate to severe wrinkles and skin laxity, some patients are reluctant to go under the knife or do not need such a dramatic treatment.

EMFACE® is a hands-free, non-invasive procedure designed to simultaneously treat skin laxity and muscle density, all in a 20-minute session! 

EMFACE® uses dual technologies to provide non-surgical results:

  • High-intensity focused electrical stimulation (HIFES) induces muscle contractions, which helps rebuild muscle tone and density, increasing volume and lift.
  • Synchronized radiofrequency (RF) heats deep facial tissues, inducing collagen and elastin. Additionally, heating the muscles allows the HIFES technology to produce more effective contractions. 

With these two powerful — yet painless — technologies, EMFACE® can:

  • Create a more defined facial contour
  • Plump and volumize the skin
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

What Areas Can EMFACE® Treat?

Your EMFACE® technician at The Diamond Face Institute will place the applicators on your forehead and cheeks to focus treatment on areas that commonly feature volume loss and wrinkles. 

After your EMFACE® treatment, there is no downtime, and you can return to your daily activities. 

As the treatment works to improve muscle density for a more sculpted look and improve collagen production for facial revitalization from the inside out, most patients see improvement in these areas in the weeks following their EMFACE® sessions. 

Can I Combine or Follow EMFACE® With Any Other Treatments?

Dr. Diamond and his team at The Diamond Face Institute believe that non-surgical procedures are often a great way to begin facial rejuvenation. Therefore, Dr. Diamond is an expert in creating custom treatment plans that combine aesthetic treatments to provide his patients with specialized and effective care.

Please talk to your provider to see what can be performed together and what may need a second visit. 

Cosmetic Injectables

Many of Dr. Diamond’s patients see fantastic results by combining their EMFACE® facial toning treatments with cosmetic injectables to enhance and volumize other areas of the face. In addition to BOTOX® Cosmetic for combating dynamic wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, Dr. Diamond offers a wide range of cosmetic dermal fillers designed to increase hydration and plump the lips, under eyes, cheeks, chin, and more. 

Diamond Facial Contouring

To lift and augment the structures of the face, Dr. Diamond carefully injects a combination of dermal fillers into the deep structures of the face, creating a more defined and youthful contour. Diamond Facial Contouring enhances the volume and contour of hollow areas of the face, including the lips, tear troughs, and nasolabial folds. 

Diamond Facial Sculpting® 

Whereas Diamond Facial Contouring softens and creates volume, Diamond Facial Sculpting® targets the bony structures of the face. Dr. Diamond will craft striking angles and a balanced contour by using a combination of cosmetic injectables for greater facial harmony and definition. This treatment typically enhances the nose, cheekbones, jawline, or chin. 

Diamond InstaFacial®

Everyone’s favorite mega facial! The Diamond InstaFacial® is synonymous with ultimate skin rejuvenation. Blending a unique combination of different skin enhancement modalities, including microneedling, PRP, laser therapy, and more, the Diamond InstaFacial® certainly makes the most of your EMFACE® treatment.

Curate Your Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation With Dr. Diamond

These non-surgical procedures can give you a younger, more refreshed look with minimal pain and downtime. Dr. Diamond is Beverly Hills’ premier facial plastic surgeon with an eye for beauty and artistry. 

Your aesthetic treatment will be unique to your needs, goals, and natural beauty.

Interested in Learning More About Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills, CA?

Dr. Diamond is an award-winning, board-certified facial plastic surgeon with decades of experience. Your non-surgical aesthetic treatment will be handled with care and expertise. 

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