K.L. is a woman in her 50’s who is a performer and relies on her nice appearance as well as her talent to enhance her career.  She was feeling as though she appears aged over the last few years and she was hoping to have a full face rejuvenation. She was very concerned about looking weird or “done” but also didn’t want to go through surgery and not see any improvements.  I planned a full facial restoration procedure that included mini browlift, facial fat grafting, deep plane anterior facelift and customized chin implant.  I had to balance the degree of change that we created with her desire to look natural which is an art that I have honed over thousands of these exact same procedures.

These photos are 3 weeks after surgery.  She still has some swelling and minor bruising that is easily covered with makeup.  This is a perfect example of a dramatic change that doesn’t change who a person is, this change simply enhances or restores a person’s appearance back to what it was when they were younger.