Feminizing Rhinoplasty

As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, I have developed a reputation as being the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Expert.  As a rhinoplasty specialist, I see people from all over the world wishing to improve the cosmetic appearance of their nose as well as improve the breathing and function of the nose.  There are many different techniques to create the desired results of any given patient.

This is a case report of a man who was in the process of a transgender change and he was hoping to create a more feminine appearance.  Not only did he want a more feminine appearance, he wants a feminine-appearing nose.  This man has a large bulbous masculine nose that he was born with and this is an extremely difficult procedure.  I performed an open rhinoplasty and reduced the projection of his nose to bring it closer into his face.  I took down the bump on his bridge and created a feminine slope to the bridge and I created a more delicate and elegant appearance to the infratip lobule which is where the nose takes off from the upper lip.  This is an extremely difficult and challenging procedure and I am very pleased with the results thus far.  The patient is now three weeks out from surgery and he is ecstatic with his results.