Facial Sculpting in Los Angeles, CA

facial sculpting in Los Angeles, CADr. Diamond has learned a thing or two while being in the plastic surgery business. One of those is that celebrity beauty varies. They all have different eyes, noses, and hair. Their physical builds are just as diverse. What he has found is that all beautiful celebrities have the same facial structure with high lateral cheeks and a prominent mandibular angle. He says that it is this chiseled, defined look that makes a truly beautiful face.

At The Diamond Face Institute, Dr. Diamond’s facial sculpting procedure provides an elegant facial contour to rival any celebrity’s. For facial sculpting, Dr. Diamond uses injectable fillers placed under the skin’s surface to physically alter the patient’s anatomy. Unlike how most injectors use fillers like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® to correct laugh lines and creases, Dr. Diamond actually creates definition at the injection site. Other procedures only help correct laugh lines and creases, which make take years from the face but won’t make it into a more beautiful shape.

For this procedure, Dr. Diamond injects a filler beneath the muscle and onto the bony surface of the face, focusing on the high lateral cheek bone, the jaw angle, and the central chin. This changes the shape and structure of what appear to be the facial bones. His aim is to create this out-in-out look which is defined by a prominent lateral cheek bone, the soft inward curve of the cheek, and curving back out at the jawline. This enhanced facial contour creates a strong, chiseled look.

Since this procedure treats the bone deep below the facial tissue, there is little chance of lumps, nodules, or irregularities forming, and there is no surface bruising. Many patients find that they can return to their daily activities after the quick 15 to 20 minute treatment is finished.

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