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Dubai Facial Enhancement

I just returned from Dubai and had an amazing experience.  The first day I got there I saw 10 patients which is fairly busy and consistent with my patient load in Beverly Hills.  The second day was the same, but the third day things exploded.  As soon as word got out that I was there, the clinic was flooded and I couldn’t even keep up with the patient load so I ended up seeing people late into the night.  A VIP requested that I go to his house at midnight for a consultation.  Middle Eastern royalty from other countries traveled to see me.  I had people who wanted me to do their facelifts and rhinoplasties on the same day as their consultations, which I was not prepared to do so I had to regretfully turn many people away. I saw many local patients for consultations and actually did several rhinoplasty and facelift procedures as well as many nonsurgical cheeklifts, Botox and other fillers.  The people I saw were very nice and many of them invited me over to their houses for dinner, etc.  I didn’t have time to accept everyone’s offers but I was so impressed with how cordial everyone was and really enjoyed spending time with them. 

While I was there I filmed a live television show which is the most highly viewed show of its kind in the Middle East.  I am returning in May and already have a full surgical schedule set for my return.  I will be better prepared for my next trip and will be bringing my surgical assistant from Beverly Hills to accommodate more patients.  It is a true privilege to be working in Dubai and helping these wonderful people.  I very much look forward to my return visit.