Dr. Diamond On ‘The Oscar Looks’

I want to make some comments on a few of the celebrities at the Oscar’s award show recently. My wife asked me “what makes Diane Lane, Hale Berry and Angelina Jolie so beautiful?” There are a few things these women all have common. The first is that they all have good bone structure so they all have strong cheek bones, and more importantly strong chin and jaw bones. This gives the sculpted and defined appearance. For those who are not blessed with good bone structure the newest facial implants are an outstanding option to recreate that anatomy. These women all have good facial volume which means that they have fat in all the right places like the upper cheek, lower eyelid/cheek junction and the lips. Facial fat grafting and fillers are both great options for people who are hoping to improve their loss or lack of facial volume. All of these women have faces that have perfect harmony meaning their noses all are in balance with the remainder of their faces and there is close to perfect symmetry between each side of their face. Symmetry can be created in many ways including fat injections and facial implants and harmony can be achieved between the nose and face with a rhinoplasty. In summary these women are blessed with great anatomical features all of which can be addressed using the appropriate surgical techniques and aesthetic judgment by the surgeon.