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Dr. 90210 Star Discusses Best Facelift Techniques

I happened to see an interesting article in the New York magazine that discusses the possible facelifts of Maddona, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeifer, Elizabeth Hurley and other beautiful celebrities. It even makes mention of Angelina Jolie’s rhinoplasty and Ashley Simpson’s rhinoplasty. The theme of the story is about the new face. To make an almost excrutiatingly long story short, the main message is that the new ideal facelift is to create a face with volume instead of the old school facial surgeries that were all about pulling as tight as a face would allow.

I fully agree with the main theme of the story. The best facial rejeuvination absolutely requires preservation and often restoration of volume. Any astute observer of the aging process knows that the face loses volume with age, the cheek fat disappears and drops which causes a tired sullen look that can’t be improved by pulling and cutting. The techniques that I have been honing and perfecting since I began my career are all designed to achieve the ideal volume as well as create the appropriate amount of tightening to give the most beautiful and natural result possible.

The Best Facelift Results

The best facelift results come from plastic surgeons who tighten the deeper layer under the skin known as the SMAS. This allows for a natural tightening of the face and enables the incisions to be closed with no tension such that the scars will be virtually invisible.

The Cheeks need to be repositioned in a vertical direction rather than a posterior direction to create harmony with the middle and lower thirds of the face. The final touches are then created by sculpting the hollow tear troughs and cheeks with fat.

The best techniques for the brows and eyelids are similarly designed to restore the natural youthful contours of those regions. The common lateral sweep deformity (as it has been termed) is that unnatural appearance when someone has had a bad facelift and they look like they are in a wind tunnel. That occurs because of over aggressive tightening in a posterior direction.

Dr. 90210

As I have clearly demonstrated to the world via Dr. 90210, the appropriate facial rejeuvination techniques leave someone looking young, refreshed and pretty, like a 10-15 year younger version of themselves. There is no risk of looking weird or unnatural when the surgeon has the required skill, aesthetic judgement and technique.

My television show Dr. 90210 has featured about 15 of my full facial rejeuvination procedures and the results clearly speak for themselves. I’m glad that other doctors are now calling attention to the importance of restoring volume to the aging face. I hope that we see less poor facelift results from doctors as these newer concepts are learned and accepted by the younger generation of facial plastic surgeons.