Chin Implant Surgery

Customization of Chin Implants

The benefits of chin implants have been recently discussed in the media.  This is a procedure with many benefits.  As a surgeon gains a high level of understanding of the proper use of a chin implant, the natural progression becomes a procedure of customization.  Implants come in a stock shape and the skilled and experienced surgeon knows that one shape does not fit every face.  Therefore, as any individual patient is having a chin implant procedure, the implant will look better if this is customized to fit that particular individual’s specific anatomy.  In this video I am demonstrating the ways in which customization of a chin implant is done.  The height can be taken off the implant, width can be taken off the implant, anterior or lateral projection can be taken off the implant.

In this particular video I am leaving the implant at its maximum width laterally or out on the sides to fill the jowl area.  I am reducing the width of this implant in the paramedian position to create a soft and feminine appearance and I’m leaving the projection in the center to give the definition that she requires.  These maneuvers will be done to different degrees for different people.  The most skilled and masterful facial plastic surgeons customize all of their procedures to their particular patients and this can be very effectively done with chin implants.