Cosmetic Surgery In The Middle East

For the past few years I have been traveling often, to provide my facial plastic surgery services to the Middle East. I have made a commitment to my Dubai practice and I was humbled yesterday when The Atlantic featured an article titled “Bringing Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery to the Middle East” regarding my efforts. As a Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon and given the opportunity to provide my services to the Middle East I have been truly blessed.

The Atlantic: Dr. Jason Diamond wasn’t aware that his E! reality TV series Dr. 90210 was being aired on the other side of the planet. That is, until patients began arriving at his Beverly Hills office from all different parts of the Middle East. A facial specialist, Diamond was one of a group of prominent plastic surgeons featured on the show from 2005 through 2008. His new clientele included members of some of the most powerful and wealthiest Arab families in the world, including royalty from different countries in the region. They all wanted him to perform plastic surgery.

Diamond treated these patients in the United States initially. Over time, though, they began to ask if he’d be willing to travel to provide his services for them and their families at home. Eventually he decided to give it a shot. It took a year to get his license there and to settle on a medical facility where he could operate, but he eventually settled at The American British Surgical and Medical Centre in Dubai, founded by British plastic surgeon Mendy Kahn. (read more)