Chin Implants, Facelift, Rhinoplasty

Chin Implant Beverly Hills

The beautiful face requires a strong and sculpted chin.  This has been recognized since the beginning of time as evidenced by ancient paintings and sculptures of men and women. I have always recognized the importance of a strong chin and I have always had a large following for facial implants.

As my rhinoplasty practice has grown over the years the amount of chin implants I have performed has increased dramatically. Approximately, 50% of people who consult with a plastic surgeon because their nose is too large actually have a weak chin which makes the nose look even bigger. I never try to talk anybody into a procedure but when I show someone with a weak chin the altered images on the computer they are usually amazed at how much better their face looks. I now customize all chin implants to each individual patient and this has made beautiful results even better.

I just did my wife’s chin implant 6 weeks ago and her mom didn’t even notice. Her family just thought she looked great but did not know why until Jessica told them. Jessica is very pleased with the results and she looks amazing if I do say so myself.