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Dr. Diamond in the Media

Television Appearances

"In a town built on good looks, the elite plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills put their A-list patients under the knife so they can look their best."

The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills

As seen on Netflix


Dr. Diamond performs a Rhinoplasty on Rachelle

Hollywood Beauty Awards

Dr. Jason Diamond Introduced at the Hollywood Beauty Awards

Doctor puts BodyFX to the Test

Dr. Jason Diamond, puts BodyFX to the test on three patients seeking to treat their cellulite problems.

Patient Testimonials

Patients discussing their testimonials about their procedure and sharing their before and after results.

Discover Health Chin Implant and Necklift

Hollywood male patient goes to Dr. Diamond to have a chin implant and necklift.

Entertainment Tonight Hollywood secrets plastic surgery

Trying to look the best you can and using fat transfer to achieve the results.

Dr. 90210 Facial Rejuvenation

A woman from Chillicothe, Ohio comes to Beverly Hills for a full facial rejuvenation surgery.

Want to Look 10 Years Younger?

“Extra” sat down with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond to get the scoop on what to do to achieve a natural-looking, full-facial restoration.

Plastic surgery for men on the rise.

Seth Doane reports on the growing trend of men going under the knife so that they can look younger and hopefully, be more successful.

Eyelid surgery leaves woman unable to blink

CBS News correspondent Seth Doane reports on Marilyn Leisz, a New Jersey woman who can’t close her eyes following botched eyelid surgery.

Plastic surgery rebounds with economy

More Americans are seeking plastic surgery as the economy rebounds. Michelle Miller reports.

Chin Up

Fastest growing surgery in America, implant surgeries skyrocket!

Internet Media

Magazine Articles