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Beverly Hills Brow Lift

As we age, the tissues in our face become weak and gravity begins to take control. Everyone ages at different rates, and it is reflected in various locations on our faces. When the skin and muscles around your eyes and in the forehead lose strength, your brows can fall medially or down over your eyelids. Drooping brows are the common cause of a constantly angry or fatigued expression that can significantly age your facial appearance. Dr. Diamond performs brow lift surgery to tighten the brows and restore a youthful facial appearance.

Achieved With Brow Lift Surgery

Heavy brows that droop over your eyelids may be causing you to appear constantly angry or fatigued.

Low, hanging brows can also obscure your vision and lead to difficulties seeing. Brow lift surgery repositions your brow and forehead muscles to tighten and lift the eyebrows. Correcting drooping brows can erase years from your face and brighten your overall appearance.

As a skilled facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Diamond takes the time to ensure that your brows maintain their natural appearance. When improving the appearance of drooping brows, it is common for an inexperienced surgeon to reposition the brows too high. Dr. Diamond’s technique places the brows just above the orbital ridge and maintains the natural curvature of your brows for stunning results that look natural.

When your brows begin to fall medially on the forehead, wrinkles can start to develop between your eyes.

Wrinkles on the upper portion of your forehead can develop as you age as well. Brow lift surgery removes excess tissue that causes wrinkles and provides you with a smoother complexion.

Dr. Diamond’s technique removes excess tissue while also preserving facial volume. A common problem many patients face is a loss of volume with the removal of too much tissue around the eyes. Dr. Diamond ensures the preservation of facial volume so that his patients maintain their youthful appearance.

While brow lift surgery can be performed as a stand-alone procedure, many patients choose to combine it with a facelift.

Since the facelift only targets the lower two-thirds of the face, patients often maintain an aged appearance in the upper portion of their face after facelift surgery. Brow lift surgery combined with a facelift will help you achieve the total facial rejuvenation you desire and restore a balanced and radiant facial appearance.

Dr. Diamond’s goal with any facial or plastic surgery procedure is to provide natural-looking results. He routinely combines facial procedures to restore a balanced appearance and maintain a natural look. His safe and effective techniques provide patients with attractive and natural results.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

You will experience some bruising and swelling of your forehead and around the eyes.

You should rest with your head elevated for at least one week following your procedure to minimize swelling. Most patients return to work within one to two weeks, but you will need to limit your physical activities for two to three weeks. Most major swelling should subside after four to six weeks.

The exact cost of your brow lift will depend on the extent of correction needed.

Surgical, anesthesia, and facility fees will also affect the cost of your procedure. The price of your procedure will be provided during your consultation with Dr. Diamond.

You might experience some tightness around the forehead and eyes, which can cause some minor discomfort.

Any associated pain can be controlled using oral medication.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lift Surgery

A: Depending on the extent of correction needed and the patient’s preference, endoscopic brow lift surgery can be performed using local anesthesia or general anesthesia.
A: Traditionally, a brow lift would use an incision in the hairline that runs along the forehead from ear to ear. However, this results in more extensive scarring. The more modern method of an endoscopic brow lift uses very small incisions placed in the hairline. Through these incisions, a pencil-like camera (endoscope) is used to view and reposition the muscles. The endoscopic brow lift is Dr. Diamond’s preferred technique because it provides the most control with the least amount of scarring.
A: Facelift surgery is commonly combined with a brow lift to provide correction to the lower two-thirds of the face. An eyelid lift can also be combined with a brow lift to correct sagging eyelids, which rejuvenates the eyes.
A: Brow lift surgery provides long-lasting correction to an aged appearance. Many patients see pleasing results that can last for years. However, brow lift surgery cannot halt the natural aging process, and your rejuvenated appearance will continue to age naturally after the procedure.
A: You should always avoid direct exposure to sunlight and quit smoking, as this leads to wrinkles and recurrent sagging. Many patients choose to undergo routine non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic as well as cosmetic or laser skin resurfacing to maintain their results.
A: During your consultation, Dr. Diamond will examine the condition of your brows to determine the best approach for your procedure.
A: Following your brow lift surgery, you may experience slight discomfort and sensitivity along the treated area, but this should resolve after a few weeks.
A: Ideal candidates should be in good health and have realistic expectations regarding their results. You will also be asked to stop smoking for a few weeks before and after your procedure to ensure a healthy recovery.