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Dr. Diamond in the Media

Television Appearances

"In a town built on good looks, the elite plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills put their A-list patients under the knife so they can look their best."

The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills

As seen on Netflix

Dr. 90210 Rhinoplasty with Cheek implants

A young women age 19 from Palos Verdes, California has Dr. Diamond enhance her nose and chin.

Dr. 90210 Face and Neck lift Surgery

West Los Angeles interior designer looks to Dr. Diamond for an enhancement of her face and neck.

Dr. 90210 Facelift and Nose Job

A woman from California looks to Dr. Diamond for a facelift and rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. 90210 Facelift Surgery

Los Angeles business professional turns to Dr. Diamond for a facelift.

Dr. 90210 Lip Enhancement

Patient comes to Dr. Diamond for lip Enhancement.

Dr. 90210 Facelift Procedure

Los Angeles yoga instructor goes to Beverly Hills to have a facelift performed.

Entertainment Tonight Hollywood Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Dr. Jason Diamond on Entertainment Tonight discusses revision facelift procedures.

Dr. 90210 Facial Enhancement

Dr 90210 Lip Enhancement with Dr. Diamonds Fiancée and then a facelift, brow lift and eyelid surgery with Anne.

Extreme Dr. 90210

Dr. Diamond performs a extreme enhancement of the face on a patient called Jamie on the “Extreme Dr. 90210”.

Midface Rejuvenation

Dr. Diamond provides before and after photos of patients that have had facial rejuvenation procedures performed.

Internet Media

Magazine Articles