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The Vertical Facelift

August 7th, 2019 |

The vertical facelift is a lift that requires a very extensive skin elevation such that the underlying SMAS layer can be lifted in a direct vertical vector (toward the lower eyelid) instead of a back and up direction like the deep plane facelift.

Benefits of the Vertical Facelift

The vertical facelift procedure is the most effective way to correct the jowls and the marionette lines. However, it can be associated with a much longer healing period than other types of facelifts and a higher chance of postoperative fluid collection or irregularities, which can take up to six weeks to resolve.

I usually recommend the vertical facelift for people who have unfavorable anatomies, such as those with fuller faces, heavy jowls, or severe marionette lines; other styles of facelifting will have little power to correct these problems. The vertical facelift is the second most common type of facelift I perform.

Before and after photo of a vertical facelift patient in Beverly Hills, CA.

Before and after of a patient who underwent a vertical facelift and neck lift with Dr. Diamond.

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